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A better way to work

RollerMouse is an ergonomic mouse alternative designed for you, not your computer.

RollerMouse is placed above your keyboard, so you don't need to reach for the mouse. You move the cursor by rolling the bar lightly with your fingertips. Everything you need to control your computer is right in front of you. This ergonomic position eliminates repetitive movements that can cause neck, shoulder and elbow pain.

Work safer, faster and more comfortably with RollerMouse. Make the switch to the modern mouse.

What you will get:

  •  A revolutionary rollerbar that controls your cursor.
  • Powerful button functions right out of the box, including the 'one touch' double click.
  • A mouse you never have to grip. Clutching or holding a traditional mouse can lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.
  • Convenient, out of the box, plug and play connectivity for both PC and Mac computers.

Find the right RollerMouse for you

Every RollerMouse product is developed according to ergonomic principles and user feedback. However there are key differences between RollerMouse products:


RollerMouse Red
The latest addition to the RollerMouse line, featuring the smoothest and most precise cursor control and a durable aluminum frame. It features novel 7SENSES tracking technology inside of a larger, texturized rollerbar

RollerMouse Free2 Small

RollerMouse Free2
A modern, ultra-low and slim, which fits thin or compact keyboards. It offers the highest level of precision, variation and comfort.

RollerMouse Pro2 Small

RollerMouse Pro2
A more advanced model developed for demanding tasks that require repetitive movements and longer hours at a computer.

 RollerMouse Classic2 Small

RollerMouse Classic2
Our original and most basic model.


If Contour Design is not represented in your country, please contact our headquarters in either Europe or USA for more information.

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